Snow Report: Ride Colorado

Back from an exhilarating week in shiny Colorado, where Susan and I ravaged Vail's back bowls, threaded the trees of Copper Mountain's flanks, rode snow cats up to hike the rarefied ridges in search of fresh trails, stacked it in Keystone while trying to keep up with Campbell, glided silently through the freshly falling snow back on Copper again, and snowshoed up to magical Mayflower Gulch. Thanks to Phil and Katie for putting us up and entertaining, to the whole mountain house crew for the place to stay in Frisco, to the Ashes for the week's nostalgic loan of the old black taxi, & to DrDavis for supplying the inspiration, and DavidC for taking us flying us out of JeffCo airfield - watch those negative G's, mate, haven't you seen what MSFSX will do with that shit? :) Adam and Aly - thanks for the best reason in the world for us to come back again this Summer and do it all over again, um, without the snow. And to everyone who made it to the big night out in Denver on the Friday night, you guys rock.

Best week evar. Love you, mean it. Photos imminent. Seanie where's the youtubes?