Just Married!

Just Married!

At the end of March, Susan and I exchanged rings, vows, signatures and thumbprints on a beach near to Tulum, Mexico, with eighty-five of our families and friends, plus 'TriPawd', the beach's resident three-legged dog.

Thanks to everyone for coming all the way to join the party and making it so special. It all worked out better than we could have hoped - We never imagined that our own wedding would be so spectacularly brilliant. The honeymoon in Guatemala was also astonishingly good, from watching the sun rise over Mayan ruins in the jungle, to hiking volcanoes overlooking lake Atitlan.

We've taken photos from a few people, and put a selection of the best of these online, listed below:

There are also a metric zillion other photos elsewhere too:

If there are more that we haven't yet seen, please let us know!