If it's good enough for Benny...

These folks will store samples of your pet's DNA, so that in the event of their death, you can replace them with a newer, younger clone.

Preserving your

Apart from the fact it's a gimmick ripoff (\$1,500 to store my pets DNA? That's quite a freezer they must have there, and the hypothetical cloning service 'may be offered by some other company at a future time') it seems to totally miss the point.

If you love your pet, it's surely for their personality. Your shared experiences and memories, having grown to know one another. I'm talking about their soul, or the state vector of their consciousness, whatever you want to call it. Growing a clone in their image is like creating a twin - it bears no relation to the animal you loved but for its superficial appearance, and even seems to me to be an insult to the memory of your former pet, that they could be replaced by the next one off the shelf. Certainly I wouldn't like to think my loved ones would be content to replace me with a look-alike.

Sometimes I wonder why we make it so hard on ourselves trying to make an honest buck when the rest of the world is one big scam, preying on the vulnerable and the unwary.