Unexpected Error

So I'm helping a friend create a small website. Casting around for lightweight tools, I remember that an intelligent and influential blogger, much admired by me, has founded a software company which produces, amongst other things, City Desk, a web site creation tool.

Checking out their website, I am delighted to find there is a free-to-use version for small projects much like the one I am embarking on. I download it, install it, and fire it up eagerly. Just about the last thing I expected to see was this.



Just goes to show, creating software which just works is a tough problem. If the likes of Joel can't figure it out, what hope do the rest of us have...?

Update: It looks like the problems are due to my Windows user account being limited privs. I perform installs and the like with elevated privs, using the brilliant MakeMeAdmin.cmd. It looks like running CityDesk for the first time performs some install-related activities, such as setting up the Platform SDK, which require admin privs. Once this is done, subsequent runs can be done as a limited privs user with no problems.