Stretching pyglet's Wings

I'm excited to be giving a talk at PyCon UK next weekend about creating OpenGL programs in Python, using the graphics and games library pyglet. I'm still working feverishly on the presentation. This post is to be a permanent URL for the content, downloadable demos and YOUR comments, once PyCon is over.

See y'all there.

Update v1.0: The presentation slides are online, as is the demo source code.

Update v1.1: Fixed a bug using batches of vertex lists. (they don't work with triangle fans, and they need a duplicated first and last vertex in each list to delineate primitives.) Rendering speed is still awful using graphics.draw, vertex_lists and batches though. I'm chasing that up next.

Update v1.2: Fixed some of the performance problems, demo 6's batches of vertex lists are now the fastest way to render, which is the expected result. Still curious why calls to are slower than though.

Update v1.3: Added demo 9 which creates a maze with ghosts wandering within it. The entire maze is rendered in a single batch.draw() call. Innumerable other improvements throughout.