My Cacophony

Google Calendar tells me that I've now had 8 piano lessons with the esteemed Marios. It's been heaps of fun, and it's long past time I shared my progress to date, in the form of some ghastly midi files. Download at your peril, they are truly awful - only of interest as a record of my progress.

Beautiful Brown Eyes

First, a tune labelled as 'Beautiful Brown Eyes'. This is from a couple of weeks ago, the first time I managed to record a midi file. The timing's very sloppy - I haven't been learning any pieces by heart, so I'm struggling to read the music fast enough to play the tune. I'm trying to play as many different pieces as I can by reading the sheet music, rather than learning a few by heart, since that will hopefully exercise my ability to read music, albeit at the cost of sounding much less polished for the time being. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

MIDI icon 28 Jun

Alpine Melody

Next up, an even simpler tune, which means I have less difficulty reading the music and so the timing's a bit better.

MIDI icon 16 Jul


Finally, the music from the computer game Tetris. This is a fairly new tune to me, and it's obvious that it's a real struggle. I'm not used to reading such large melodic intervals, and the notes extends over a broader pitch range than anything I've done before, so I can scarcely place my fingers on the right keys, never mind in time. Hopefully this will get better with practice.

MIDI icon 16 Jul

MIDI icon 21 Jul