More Colored Terminal text on Windows: AnsiCon

A reminder for myself:

ANSI escape characters don't work properly in Windows terminals:

Before: Raw ANSI codes. Not nice.

To make them work properly, use AnsiCon. Unzip it somewhere permanent (eg. %ProgramFiles%\ansicon) and install it with:

ansicon.exe -i

start a new terminal, and lo:

After: Pretty.

Fine tune the appearance of the programs generating the color, for example customise 'hg diff' by editing \~/.hgrc:

color =

status.modified = yellow bold
status.unknown = white
status.deleted = red_background white bold

diff.deleted = red bold
diff.inserted = green bold
diff.file_a = white
diff.file_b = white
diff.diffline = white_background black
diff.extended = yellow bold
diff.hunk = underline black
diff.changed = yellow bold


ANSI is correctly stripped out if the output of a program is not a terminal, so the colored output won't interfere with saving to files nor machine-parsing of the text:


Finally, insert some ANSI codes into your prompt, by setting environment variable PROMPT:

set PROMPT=$E[0;36m$P$_$E[36;1m$G$E[0m$S

Colored Prompt

Multiple posts on colors and terminal text is perhaps a bit obsessive of me. I think I'm all done now.