Installing Colout

Colout is amazing, I use it all the time.

But pip install colout from PyPI is broken, and has been for many months, due to a typo in the latest (v0.5) PyPI release.

I've tried to contact the author, with email and issues on the Colout Github project.

This has had no effect, although I see the author has made substantial commits to the Github project in that time, including fixing this problem and tagging a new v0.6 version, although has not released any of that to PyPI.

So, in increasing order of desirability, you can either:

Clone the latest repo from Github, and install from that:

# cd to the clone, then
python3 -m pip install --user .

Or, pip install the version I uploaded to PyPI, which is a straight copy of the latest Github at the time:

pip install --user colout-fix

Or, best of all, pip install straight from the original Github repo:

pip install --user git+git://

Note that, throughout, we're using --user, so that you can install development tools like this system-wide for the current user, without needing a virtualenv, without needing root access, and without modifying your installed Python system libraries.