Fully Operational

Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station.

My desk featuring too many computers

New job means new laptop means it's time to clean and re-org the desk.

Leftmost blue skies
Linux laptop (a free hand-me-down from a job ten years ago). Acting as the house Plex / streaming media server, usually tucked away more discreetly than this.
Left top green forest
Heavy duty work / gaming Linux laptop ("hardware bonus" from my last employer). Has been my primary work machine, but sounds like it's getting replaced by...
Left bottom spaceship drawing
Macbook Pro (Brand new! Just unwrapped yesterday. Thank you new employer Lambda!) Looks like this means I'm returning to developing on a Mac and VMs, after a full decade on Ubuntu & derivatives. I'm told Docker for Desktop now behaves better than it used to.
Left bottom, under the Mac
You can sort of see the 10" whiteboard I use to combat ADHD by writing a sentence about what I'm supposed to be working on, then I can spot it every few minutes and drag my mind back to the task in hand. (a technique described in the fabulous Self Command by Chris DeLeon.
Main monitor and wireless tenkeyless mechanical keyboard & mouse combo, all switchable to any of the laptops. Under the keyboard you can sort-of see the Magic the Gathering 13x24" gaming mat (free from local gaming store's MtG lessons) pressed into duty as the world's most gigantic, beautiful, and luxurious mouse mat.
Right monitor, keyboard and mouse
are wired to the Windows gaming PC under the desk (not visible). The kiddo's current Astroneer session is visible. The monitor is switchable to any of the laptops.
Right tab
Absolute workhorse 12.6" Android tablet on which I do most of my reading, laid in the picture here just to be gratuitous.