Flag of Denmark

Spent last weekend in lovely Copenhagen, courtesy of our native guide, Susan's friend Rasmus. The ever genial Witt Mathot, and his sidekick Mike, were also in town giving some GIS Server training course. Consequently I spent Monday sickasadog. Quite possibly I will never be the same again. Regardless, the city was terrific and its inhabitants warm, genuine and kind, even after an outrageous travesty inflicted by Sweden on the football pitch. Hurrah for bastions of civilisation, even though their politicians are, by all accounts, going down the pan just as fast as ours are. Through the whole weekend, I only said 'Dutch' when I meant 'Danish' once, which by my standards makes me a beacon of informed, considerate enlightenment. Defining memory: Pleasant post-party walks home through the city in the dawn sunlight, amongst streams of happy, chatting, cycling people all doing the same.