Battlestar Galactica: Series 3

"It's gonna be OK."

That's the new "reimagined" version, Dad. I don't really do much television, and for 2006, downloads of Battlestar was pretty much the only exception. It's edgy and well-written, and it leaves me breathlessly excited, and yes it had that lull on New Caprica about five episodes in, but then it blossomed again, experimenting with one-off shows, cool ideas, and great characters that remain emotive and involving while staying well clear of Dawson's Creek. And what a series finale! Blowing the whole stack of Cylon sleeper agents all at once, the awful yawning realisation as they each heard the activation signal in the back of their minds, all drawn to converge on the same room, what a headfuck, with the psychedelic nebula backdrops all around, to the rising strains of All Along the Watchtower, as Apollo discovers Starbuck is still alive. Hooray! Loved it loved it loved it. 8/10.